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My 1992 B4C Camaro

    One of only about 589 of these cars was made. They were originally only sold to Law Enforcement Fleets. Even though this car is kind of rare, I must "make it mine" though customization. If it makes you feel better all of the original parts have been boxed and saved. I even have two of lots of the specific 91 and 92 only parts because I am building the 91 drag car.

The stock rear could be grenaded if not upgraded. To save the posi from destruction I bought a torsen style posi pulled from an SLP car, I just need to put it in. I might get a 12 bolt later, but for now I will just upgrade this lighter weight factory rear. I would like to get a set of Moser axles.

For induction did temporarily use a Holley Stealth Ram that was originally purchased for the drag car project. When the 412 goes back in, it will roll with a Accel single plane.

The heads on this 350 are 58cc L98 corvette aluminum heads and net 10.25 to 1 compression; they are equipped with 1.6 rockers as well. The throttle body is an 1000cfm Accel unit. The short block is stock L98 that originally had iron heads, freshened with new rings, bearings, oil pump and gaskets. The 412 that is going back in uses Pro Action Aluminum heads.

The Headers are 1 3/4" SLP shorty headers. This header allows for plug and plug wire clearance for straight plug and L98 aluminum angle plug heads. They are designed for straight plugs, and for L98 aluminum angle plugs, but they didn’t fit the canted angle of the Pro Action Aluminum heads and needed massaging when I had them on the 412 before. The cat back is also SLP.

I installed a GM ZZ4 cam, It looks like it will better compliment my "warmed over” 350 ZZ4's marginally higher 10.25:1 compression and the intake without sacrificing much if any of the drivability. The cam for the 412 is going to be a Comp Cams XFI 280.

My well built 700R4 and converter is not that far from its last freshening. If it could survive my old 415 on nitrous, it will survive a little normally aspirated thrashing from this 412. It also now has an LS1 stock aluminum driveshaft.

I used Auto Specialties “Power Stop” rotors to replace the worn but massive factory 1LE brake rotors as well as Earl's stainless braided brake lines replaced the worn rubber ones. I used Performance Friction Carbon Metallic pads on the rotors.

The in-tank pump was replaced with a 255 LPH mustang Walbro unit as well as an aluminum ½ inch pickup line was installed in addition to it for possible future use with a monster inline pump (for who knows what). The problem is I need to drop the tank again to figure what the sending unit float has hung up on. I am sure it is that added line or its retainers.

Due to a weird railroad work schedule, and pure laziness on my part the work is progressing slowly, but the car is up and running fairly strong. It gives me a good clean cruiser. I had found a guy with a set of 91-92 modular wheels that had been chromed that I think would set this ride off. I have lost track of him so may have my own chromed locally. The GTA/GNX black 16’s I have around here look nice on this car also.

I just bought a program from Alvin at www.pcmsforless.com By building a simple and proven combo, and staying away from a power adder, this has resulted in a fast street legal car and a dependable regular driver. I wouldn’t mind putting a power adder on it but the tranny and rear might get toasted. Leaving it just normally aspirated keeps things from breaking and gives me more time for the other car.

To see how this car was assembled, go to Pictures project completed!



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