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My 1991 Z-28 Camaro Drag Car Project

    This has a Spohn adjustable torque arm, a PA-Racing tubular front end (K-member), and A-arms, with coilovers, Lakewood drag shocks/struts in all four corners, S-10 manual steering box. The exhaust is a Mufflex (4 inch!) single off-road system, with coated, hooker full-length, super-comp headers.

My Currie 9 inch rear w/4.10’s was ordered with thirdgen brake brackets. I ordered and received all of the rest of the thirdgen rear end brake caliper hardware to complete my 9" from www.thirdgenparts.com They are also known as Ebay seller 'Thirdgenparts'. All of these parts would bolt into any thirdgen. When the rear end was loosely bolted under the car for the purpose of mock-up, we discovered some interference there with the S&W adjustable torque arm. So it will be replaced with a unit from Spohn that includes the cross member for use with the T-56. The tubular K-member has been bolted in place of the stock K-member. The original planned transmission for this project was a much beefed 700R4, but I am using a trans brake TH350 I have on the Garage floor and nice custom built converter I got from a friend that went with a glide.

The ’91 was purchased with the Procharger P-1sc and 3-core intercooler; it will likely just get wider 12 rib pulleys instead of a D-1sc upgrade. A cage will likely be installed over at Titus Racing. For a drive shaft; it will be done locally and will be a heavy duty aluminum 3” unit.

At this point the all forged 352 cid de-stroked 400 just needs to be assembled. The parts are all here, they are a splayed cap .030” 400 block with a 1/4 fill of hardblock, JE pistons, and 3.25" large journal forged factory 327 steel crank, 6.00" H-beams, and ARP studs thoughout. My Holley Stealth Ram will most likely find its way on top because its ports fit the AFR's so well.

I was figuring on a Harwood 4" cowl hood, which will solve the small fit problem for the intake on some cars. Besides the stock hood must feels like it weighs 150 lbs, and besides they look really nice.

Cylinder heads have finally been purchased for this vehicle, I got a killer deal on a set of AFR 195cc (part# 1026) angle plug 68cc aluminum heads ($1050) from Ebay seller 'legacepower'.

It has been considered with advances in valvetrain motion control and stability that a severe hydraulic roller custom grind camshaft will be used in this 352. It will be a custom grind from Cam Motion. The ability now for hydraulic rollers to rev to 7000 rpm make this perfect for this blower motor. The specs will be 240/251 @ .050, .372"/.380" (.595"/.608" w/1.6 rockers), 115 LDA, installed at 111 ICL (Special Thanks to Aaron at Titus Racing)

The decision for ECM's has finally been addressed. A BigStuff3 EFI system with single wideband and datalogging has been purchased from the RPM Shop here in Cheyenne. Since the combo is fairly mild, reasonably sized injectors will be able to be used. Probably in the 72# per hour range. I can’t begin to talk horsepower or time slip figures on this car until I at least get it on a scale and a dyno. if you have any questions or comments please email me: B4Ctom1 at Gmail . com

To see all the beautiful parts going into this beast, go to Cool Pictures! This baby is so goanna fly!



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