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My Old Car The JYD 2.0

   This is my old 1985 SC, after being for sale for a few years Brian finally sold it, it now belongs to Mike Gifford. It started life as a zero option 2.8/T5 car. I knew full well what I was going to do with it, but I got it running and shortly after with the 2.8 but I swapped in my Moser 9" with 4.10's (I blew those to smithereens one day too and now it has 3.50's) and Herb Adams solid control arms and pan hard both with hiem joints. We pulled off the front sway bar and installed sub frames while it was still a 6 cylinder. It was so much fun to try to blow that 2.8 it launched just as hard with the V6 (almost lifting the tires)

Then it got the 355 SBC and then a like new T-56 from a 94 bird. The 355 is well worn, but has forged pistons and is balanced. It also recieved the near brand new Dart S/R heads w/2.02-1.6's I had on my last motor.

This 85 only weighed 2800 lbs on the scale (checked on 2 scales same hour), add Brian and it is an under 3000 #'s! The funny part is the car hooked just as good on the street as the track.

On the dyno just before I sold it made 435hp. The Force EFI hardware was controlled by a modified old analog projection TBI box, but is now controlled by Accel DFI Gen-6.

I originally sold it to Brian Blanton because he was at my house for the build-up so he knew the whole car well. It is the only car I really miss. Family concerns made him lose interest in it and sell it to Mike, so I doubt I will ever be getting it back.

If you have any questions or comments please email me: B4Ctom1 at GMAIL . com

Download original video right click - "save as"

The nickname of this ride is much maligned for a super sleeper of this simplicity and performance. Consistent 12 flats and more recent high 11’s made this car a bad street cruiser (video available). This car made 435 HP and 575 TQ to the rear wheels on a Dynojet

Features of this car:

31 spline Moser 9”, with a posi, 3.50 gears (4.10's in the works again)
Solid heim joint suspension (Herb Adams) and custom sub frame connectors welded in
90/10 front drag struts
T56 6-speed borg-warner transmission
Hydraulic clutch linkage
Steel Centerforce Flywheel, Ram 900 disc
Accel gen-5 programmable fuel injection, single plane spyder EFI intake, 1000CFM TB
Accel DFI integrated NOS Super Power Shot wet flow plate 75-175 hp nitrous system
Brand new just released in box Edelbrock Victor EFI intake included with sale
355 short block balanced with forged pistons (very well worn, likely needs replaced)
Fresh modded Dart heads with Harlan sharp rockers, and comp valve train
True Dual 3” exhaust with “quicky” dumps and hooker “shortys”
Fresh 28 x 10.5 ET streets included Car weighs 2800 pounds without any lightening yet!



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